Research and Development
Developing expertise is one of Elecod Electric' s core skills.

Outstanding process capability in the development of Electric, gears, hardware, and software is one of the company' s great strengths.


The current R&D team has 16 people, including 2 external experts, 10 senior engineers and engineers, and 3 masters. The team has accumulated R&D experience for more than 15 years and has more than 10GW of product R&D, manufacturing, and delivery experience. The company's annual R&D expenditures for technology upgrades and new projects account for more than 12% of the company's annual sales revenue.

Reaching the goal faster with simulations
Testing without samples.

For better acoustics, strength and robustness, vibration behavior, temperature resistance, flow behavior or leak tightness:

Sophisticated simulations open the way to thinking in temperature resistance, flow behavior or leak tightness.

Own prototype construction
Production maturity quickly and flexibly

Our goal is creating prototypes close to the series product, ensuring a fast implementaiton.

Testing and validation
Tested in-house quality.

At the heart of Elecod Electric' s stand our in-house laboratories and test stations, where important and time saving tests are carried out,

and the test results are quickly added to the development process.

Precise in every detail
Our modern Metrology Department.

Our Metrology Department has many years of experience in the field of precision measurement and is on hand to answer customers' questions.