Solutions with maximum flexibility and scalability.

bFlow O: Our electric transmission oil pumps and drives enable new applications in the transmission such as start / stop, hybrid and sailing functionality. At the same time, considerable increases in efficiency and thus CO 2 savings are achieved .


bDrive for x-by-wire: Our actuators ensure precise gear changes, clutch actuation and engagement of the parking lock.


The Bühler Motor bFlow O and bDrive families are used in all common vehicle transmissions as well as in regulated all-wheel drive systems.

Powertrain solutions
Smart drives, actuators & pumps.

ln the vehicle transmission


> Start / stop

> Sailing / coasting

> Electric / hybrid driving


in the transmission types DCT, ATV,CVT, AMT,BEV / hybrid transmissions (DHT)

ln the drive train




> Controlled torque distribution

> Claw clutch actuation


in all-wheel clutches, transfer cases and limited slipdifferentials

For e-mobility




> Lubrication and temperature control in thedrive train

> Shifting and actuating in the transmission


in purely electric vehicles (BEV, FEV)

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